The basic of existential sports psychology is much more then just help for basketball players and coaches in order to achieve better results. Victory, wish and necessity to be the best, to be number one are attributes of not only basketball or sports in general. In the same moment it is a universal human quality, managing to being satisfied with your contribution as it is, as it can be achieved at a certain moment, it is believing in yourself as you basically are. Existential sports psychology allows a person to realize how unique he or she is, and to discover how far the person is willing to go and how far he can; and for what reason. The content of existential sports psychology includes questions, that clarify understanding of common human strength and usage in personal life as much as on a playfield. Because life, as much as playfield, are touched by the same personality of the athlete, meanwhile the human existence principals stay the same, but their choice might differ (for example, in sports everything is happening faster, often you have to think with a speed of light and make fast decisions). For anyone of us it could be fortifying of our inner world, spirituality, the health basis. For a basketball player or a coach it could be one of necessary parts of their activity in order to receive a result for the “home team”.